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About Mark Musumeci...

Mark’s passion for photography was sparked by an interest in art at school, shooting photography using his dad’s Yashinca TL – Electro film 50mm lens camera and has been impressed by the quality of Japanese technology, even in the digital age of cameras we use now.

Working through different mediums from darkroom print developing to digital photography to ceramic sculpturing to canvas paintings, Mark was intrigued on how capturing a memorable photo could be transferred into multiple modes of mediums available at his disposal and part of the level of sophistication accomplished by the photographer.

Showing a love and passion for traveling, Mark is a high-energized individual bouncing off whoever he is surrounded by or working with. His personality is very infectious when it comes to ideas and motivating others to reflect the precious moments needing to be captured.

The essence of the eye can interpret what art can be accomplished by and processed at a visual channel. Mark’s quirky and distinctive ability is to produce spectacular images shooting any subject matter from a variety of angles, breath taking scenery, delicious foods, amazing locations and the portraits of unique people in our world.

Mark now concentrates more on digital photography particularly expressing his passion in the way he uses natural light to capture stunning and precious images. “An image that serves a purpose of remembrance proves the emotional quality we retain to marvel in the beauty of something that is irreplaceable.”

Thank you for visiting and if you like to order a print of any images located in the gallery page, please do not hesitate in contacting Mark Musumeci for pricing on frames, canvases and sizes.